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Behavioral Health Specialist
Title:Behavioral Health Specialist
Location:Fort Harrison, MT

Required Qualifications:

  • Must have a valid Master's of Social Work degree from an educational institution accredited by the Council on Social Work (CSWE).
  • Minimum of 2yrs experience with knowledge of military culture and experience collaborating with social service agencies to integrate resources, plan, and deliver comprehensive services.
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint Excel, Access and familiar with the use of MODS and MEDCHART systems
  • Strong communication and organizational skills; able to multi-task
  • Basis knowledge of standard office procedures and the ability to interpret general direction

Duties include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Provide Behavioral Health support to assist in the behavioral health medical readiness operations and actions across the full medical readiness spectrum
  • Support in the capture, definition, tracking and resolution of all pending medical issues of soldiers
  • Coordinate referrals for Soldiers and/or family members to the behavioral health components of the psychological, family, social, spiritual, and emotional support programs available to service members (SM) and their families using Military Treatment Facilities (MTF), VA, network Tri-Care provider, and non-network providers.
  • Perform initial and follow-up SM screening evaluation, utilizing information from clinical interviews, non-psychometric tests, and collateral sources, as appropriate.
  • Create and maintain a database of providers for referrals, compromised of licensed and credentialed civilian behavioral health professionals who meet minimal training requirements and demonstrate knowledge of military culture, assessment, and treatment of the type of behavioral health needs common to a SM.
  • Assist the State Surgeon/Deputy State Surgeons’ office with the development of a Creative Action Plan to promote psychological health and wellness and the promotion of counseling and treatment services.
  • Determine a provisional diagnosis and formulate appropriate treatment plan. Inform State Surgeons’ Office of all significant modifications in policies or practices, as related to behavioral health.
  • Develop and maintain positive relationships at multiple levels
  • Develop local resources that provide support to members and their families in relation to mental, behavioral or emotional crisis.
  • Track SM’s in Medical Operational Data System (MODS) and Medical Electronic Data (for) Care History and Readiness Tracking (MEDCHART) applications.
  • Case Manage Behavioral Health Cases of Soldiers referred from Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) events and Soldier Readiness Process (SRP) events, and completing an assessment of stressors to SM in order to refer to supportive resources accordingly.
  • Ensure SM’s care is properly managed, minimizing amount of time in non-deployable status.
  • Ensures proper maintenance of SM medical records in accordance with AR 40-66.
  • Coordinates with the SM to ensure all appointment dates and times are communicated.
  • Provide consultation services to Medical Providers pertaining to behavioral health issues.
  • Maintains a management reporting system to include database spreadsheets. Operates a personal computer to input, store, retrieve and manipulate data for various reports. Uses various software programs to maintain database files and prepare reports.
  • Provide technical expertise to Medical Readiness NCOs toward identifying, evaluating, resourcing, monitoring, and determining dispositions for service members with BH difficulties.
  • Provide information to patients about their privacy rights and how their information can be used (Have patients sign consents).
  • Provide expeditious support to State Surgeon/Deputy State Surgeons’ office to find SM’s that may have been erroneously identified, and/or assist with processing SM’s which are found no longer fit for duty through appropriate medical and/or administrative separations.
  • Assures individual mobilization requirement guidelines are distributed and fully implemented for individuals in mobilizing units.
  • Attend all soldier readiness process/reverse soldier readiness process (SRP/RSRP) events and perform detailed records review of individual Soldiers to identify any behavioral concerns that require correction prior to mobilization.
  • Assists the commander with the development of courses of action to correct and/or improve individual behavioral health medical readiness concerns on mobilizing personnel.
  • Monitors all MODS/MEDCHART applications for compliance with medical readiness objectives set forth by TAG and State Surgeon’s Office for mobilizing units.
  • Develops and maintains local mobilization medical readiness information databases and spreadsheets to provide weekly status reports to units and State Surgeon’s Office
  • Other Administrative/Clerical, File Support, and Automation Support Services will be required

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